Aerial Application ~ Pembina Air Service

WWT front 640x480Pembina Air Service is your local Aerial Applicator and Retailer of Registered Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides for all your needs.

With the use of infared maps of the surrounding municipalities, our staff are able to take your work order over the phone and ask any questions regarding your fields for clarification if required, thus saving you, the customer, time to do the things you need to do without having to come to the office. To ensure pilot and airplane safety, we require information such as above ground hydro lines, trees, towers, large buildings, large bodies of water, bees (for insecticide spraying) and/or any other obstacles that our pilots need to be made aware of. Optimal timing of crop spraying is essential. We need to know what state the crop is in to ensure you have the best coverage for your crop and to help you get the most yields.


GPS accurate service in our aircraft enables our pilots to have full coverage of your crop and 

that it is sprayed - no strips, missed areas or large overlaps.

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